1985 C-2 Bell Hopper 

I have been lucky lately I dont often run into that many Bell Hoppers particularly from the early period of 1985, the first Bell Hopper was constructed in 1984 and the years between 84 and 87 was a period that I built this design .... my first original design amongst the two that I did ... the Bell Hopper was completely original although inspired by the OM and classical guitars this was drawn out entirely by hand with the aid of French Curves .

The pick guard on this one has popped and needs to be flattened out and refitted ... normally I would remake a new one but the pick guard on this one is a very beautiful dark tortoise shell well worth saving.


I set about work fairly quickly on this design it was the one that I sort of cut my teeth on and learnt a few things the reduction in body size from previous guitars I had built showed me that compression was a very usefull tool you just had to figure out how to  control and manipulate it ..... so really in a lot of ways the Bell Hopper was my first big learning Arc ...



I wasn't so concerned about the law of economics in those days ... its a hard one to live by even today standards considering the artisan approach most Luthiers are bound by ... life was a lot simpler then the world was a lot simpler so I built what was more a real extension of me ... remember mid 80's no internet no mobiles .... the things I knew were in comparison small to what people know now .... which makes these guitars more special to me than ever.



I havent built a Bell Hopper since the early 90's .... mid 90's I embarked on a career push that saw me side line my original designs and bench mark my range of guitars .

It was is essence a good move it was another learning curve not just about guitar making but how to make money in the game and stay alive .....However things can come a full circle sometimes and I know for the past two years I have had my hands on a few Bell Hoppers and I am in the process of remaking them again ... all my heat moulds and inside moulds no longer exist ... thats easily dealt with ...

The interesting thing is that The Bell Hopper will be improved on again .... is not so much about going back but rather taking what was a good original idea and rebuilding it better and moving it forward ... that really appeals to me ... what else can you do with 33 years up your sleave ... keep posted  hope you enjoyed my posts .








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