1997 16.5" Palais de Danse Archtop.

Its been a little while since my last and work are all consuming ... its nice to be able to have old friends and great players coming through the workshop now and then .. it refreshes your perspective gives you a new energy that comes with seeing what you created some time ago... I thought  would share this one with you.

This is one of those Guitars that I hit the sweet spot with ... constructed in April 1997 one of four Archtops I made in a batch for various people in that time  ... I guess the reason this one stands out is because it was made during a time when I was climbing a verical tradjectory in my building ... I had been exposed to some great builders and there work previously and I had a shift in my understanding and focus was a poinient time a major shift in my conciousness.... this guitar was one of the first produced in that time .

The guitar belongs to Sam Lemann a fabulous player well known here in Melbourne Australia and nationally and abroad.... as a player he is always in demand accompanying the best of the best respected and admired for his sense of melodic structure and solid playing technique and uncomplicated professional approach... Sam travels a lot around town nationally and abroad .... and this guitar has been his main player for 17 years.

I catch up with Sam from time to time always thought full to let me know if he is playing a gig close by ... one night after a show we worked out that he used the guitar on an average three times a week ... we did the maths it worked out 2652 shows later ... I think it breaks a record  there are others that tour with my guitars but 17 years is a lenghty time and says a few things about the guitar.

Firstly its not just luck it is an excellent guitar sound wise and for its playability , its well constructed and robust but still sensitive the instrument has been played in, in every register its even and well balanced and has warm focused tonal response... I think most working musicians sort this stuff out quickly ... you make friends or you dont ... no hard feelings but if its not working you part company ...

Every player being professional or amatuer has a story about one favorite guitar they wished they hung on to including myself , to own one instrument for 17 years and not be tempted says alot .... Sam owns other guitars a few others of mine that are very good instruments but they dont quiet fall into this catagory ... its the relationship thats been developed over that time ... he's worked it in ... its worked him out .. they meet in the middle nicely and when you hear these two make music ... you know that something good is happening . 

I dare say Sam is playing this Arch top guitar at some gig as I am writting this entry its known amongst his peers out of all the guitars I have built a few of them have managed to get some good exposure ... this is one of them ...well played and recorded on many CD's its had a charmed life ...

The interesting thing is that when you come up close to it you can see the wear and tear ... no breakages  just wear and bruising here and there ...a accumulation of lifes knocks its aged beautifuly better looking than when it was new a road map of its life imprinted on every inch of the guitar .. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog ... I have been waiting to get the chance to put this one up ... hope you enjoyed my entry ... until next time.


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