Carson Crickmore 1992 C-2 Bell Hopper Cutaway

More from the past, this 92 Bellhopper is well known to me....some guitars you remember better than others when you built them it may have something to do with that it was the first attempt at an original design that goes back to 1983.

The very first Bell hopper is still being used regulary and was recently in my workshop for some maintenance work , soon to return for a re fret, my first serious attempt at a guitar that would stradle the world of the Dreadnought and the 00 I built quiet a few of these in the 80's and early 90's it paved a small road for me with the help of a retailer who knew I was onto something.

I think the one above could be one of the last that I built.

If I remember rightly its had a few owners its been looked after well enough and has had an interesting life ... stolen at some point from the back of a vehicle whilst on the road ... guitars like this  dont go easy under the radar... I remember the owner telling me about it ... all ended well it came back with the help of a few good people .


Some of the things I notice about my earlier Guitars is the quality of the German Spruce I using back then.... my supplier who happened to be just around the corner from my workshop at that time an old Italian Family who brought in Cello Violin Double bass and Guitar wood was sitting on stock from the early 60's.... I still have a small quantity of spruce and cedar from that lot .... if I only had the money and forsight back then , just like the 86 C-2 in my last blog  the rosewood is very good but the Spruce superb ...



The maple neck was the procedes from a Bowling alley that was demolished in Melbourne back in the 80's a five piece neck with a stacked heel , some one said to me is this stuff any good to you... dry as a bone most of it on the quarter I couldnt refuse not all of them were built like this , the first Bell Hoppers were constructed in German Maple back and sides, German Spruce Tops , Mahogany necks , this one above was a slight departure from the original, I hope to get some good photos in the next few months of the first one ... keep posted.

The Rosewood Body's and Maple Necks seemed to have travelled well over the years , its hardy material it can take the rigours of constant gigging and traveling , something I have learnt about over the years , for touring musicians I build there guitars with strength and durability in mind ...this just happens to be a good example.

The Head stock on this guitar was broken at some stage .. it took a heavy blow , it actually happened when the so called thief was discovered that his cover was blown and headed full speed out the door with the guitar taking the door jamb with it ... they caught up with him retrieved the guitar ...the owner very gratefull and repaired at some stage .... guitars have lives , you got to look at them for a while hang around them .... not every thing they say comes out the sound hole , a manifesto of time travelled well if you are in there company , be gratefull.

Hope you enjoyed my entry, until next time .


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