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A warm welcome to my workshop in Brunswick Melbourne.

As you can see i am very focused on this lovely piece of Blackwood that came out of Saint Patricks Cathedral in Melbourne as part of the Pulpit baluster. 

It was most likely pit sawn on the church site during its construction in 1850 it is dressed on three sides with the saw marks left in the back on the wide face and just over 4 metres long.

Saint Patricks Cathedral is around 160 years old, this piece of blackwood is around eighty years of age counting the growth rings on the wide face over 5 inches , the tree was  most likely to be an ancient blackwood that grew in darkness on a mountain side facing south the weight and density of which i have never seen before.

There are two lengths that i have aquired one that is beautifully figured and one that is staight grain with very subtle figure and  good consistency both have very good tonal aspects particulaly the straight grained length.

On calculations done there about 10 to 15 guitars in this lot I will be adding to this blog periodically to show the progress of material preparation and construction in there early stages, more photos soon Regards Phil Crickmore.   



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